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Go Figure offers a complete range of services built from the ground, up specifically for real estate professionals. From agents and brokers, to land developers, residential and commercial entities, owners and investors, whatever the specialized niche, our extensive list of expertise and resources provides an ideal match for what it takes to thrive and succeed in a uniquely competitive real estate environment.


The medical profession is the very definition of specialization, and Go Figure has the unique expertise to address the needs of all practices from the smallest neighborhood physician’s office to the complex requirements of a multi-discipline medical center. From complicated Medicare and insurance billing, to cash flow management, tax preparation, financial planning and other administrative chores that keep our clients from the practice of medicine, the cure that lets doctors be doctors is Go Figure.


Go Figure focuses its full array of services and specialized expertise on the varied needs of legal firms of all sizes and category niches. From the courtroom to the boardroom we’re all trial and no errors. We understand what it takes to maintain and nurture a thriving law practice whether for a sole practitioner or a multi-office firm. We also know that one of the best ways to do that is to free up a firm’s principals from the worrying and time consuming hassles that come with administrative and bookkeeping chores, billing, government regulations, tax preparation and financial planning.

Rachel Siegel


What Our Clients Say

We were nervous about going to someone new, but our experience with Rachel thus far has been stellar. Our transition has been smooth and worry-free for our accounting and tax needs. We're just in our first year, but we're already looking forward to an equally long and happy relationship with Rachel!

— Donna Hamby, Florida

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