Gosh, Tough Break When it’s okay to break a lease.

Gosh, Tough Break
(When it’s okay to break a lease.)

It’s not always easy, it’s not always legal to break a lease. First, let’s be legal. When can you legally break a lease? You might be surprised. These are not legal reasons: 
Need to relocate for a new job, job loss, just bought a new home, newly married, hate the rental property’s location.

Let’s be lawful. You’re perfectly within your rights to terminate a lease without penalty for:

           Property that’s not repaired/maintained,
           Harassment by the landlord,
           Military change of orders
           Victims of domestic violence           
           Apartments that are illegal.

Beyond all those complications, sometimes it’s easiest to simply look over the lease agreement for an early termination clause. If there is one, follow its procedures and voila, a tough break just became easier.

This article is intended to provide basic information for starting a discussion with a financial professional about your specific financial situation. Please consult with a financial professional regarding your specific financial situation before making any financial decisions.

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